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Technology Solutions


Through the experiences of its consultants, People360 was able to develop various Information Technology solutions that provides organizations with a better approach to managing its safety programs, as well as, its human capital investments. These technology solutions include the following:

  • People360° e-Learning: Traditional teaching methods can now be replicated through technology. Aside from enhancing efficiencies and improvement in student uptake, the e-learning approach also reduces its costs in which the savings can be passed to the students. Savings are realized in many resources – classroom, instructors, materials – but the quality of delivery is not compromised. People360 has invested on the Learning Management System (LMS) and the infrastructure that allows its students to avail of this service anywhere and anytime.
  • 360° Safety Management Program: The performance of the safety practice generates tons of information that a Safety Manager may find difficulty in compiling and moreso, in its analysis. People360 developed an integrated, end-to-end platform that enables safety practitioners to input all aspects of safety management into database for better monitoring and the generation of analytics to assist in their jobs. Available through the Web, this application allows users to access data in the office or on the field so that real-time information can be generated.
  • 360° Human Resource Information System: The management of human is a complex and tedious process that only technology can ensure its continuous performance in accordance with the company standards. This application is a database tool that captures all information about each professional – from their curriculum vitae, to succeeding trainings, 201 updates, promotions, and the like. An industrial psychology examination is also integrated so that the aptitude and competency of the individual can be measured when needed.