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“Kapaligiran Ko, Mahal Ko”

Saturday, January 6, People360 conducted its first activity for the year 2018. Dubbed as the company’s Ecological Solid Waste Management program and one of its CSR activities, it is an awareness program for the community of People360. It is an important event, graced by no less than the community’s barangay captain, Cap. Elizabeth “Che-Che” De Jesus giving the inspiring talk and addressing community concerns and applauding the initiative of the company. Leading the program is the company’s CEO Engr. Cesar Dumayag giving the initial presentation regarding the effects of domestic waste and the responsibility of each contingent to his surroundings. Scope of the presentation is teaching the proper waste segregation (3 Rs) and implementation of the newly-constructed MRF (Material Recovery Facility), quarterly meetings and even incentives for the cooperation of everybody. Also included in the presentation is about laws and regulations, conducted by People360’s PCO (Pollution Control Officer) Engr. Althea Mariz G. Nape.

The program is well-attended, capped off with the contingents signing on the environment poster provided to signify their full support on People360’s efforts to continually protect and care for the environment we call home.

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