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Christmas Safety

Christmas season is the most joyful of all holidays in the Philippines. It is the time of bonding for most families as they celebrate the birth of Christ in this largely Christian nation.

We set up artificial Christmas trees; festoon it with lights; surround our homes with the “Parol” to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem; set up a manger scene in our house;  wrap gifts and set them under the tree; and  prepare special dishes which the family can partake during the Noche Buena. Singing and carousing is another way we celebrate this Season.

All these are good, but in some families, the season becomes a season for bereavement or sadness. I still remember the death of a daughter of a prominent politician due to a fire in their house from the Christmas bulbs in their Christmas tree! Or road accidents right after New Year because the driver just came from a party where he got drunk!

While celebrating the holiday season is good, as safety officers we must bring what we know to our families to avert accidents and other injuries which can dampen our own celebrations.

Below are some of the more common  tips for a safe and joyous holiday.


The coming holidays can be the happiest time of the year. Don’t turn it into the saddest. Do the activities with safety always in mind. As the leading OSH service and solution provider in the Philippines, the People360 Corp community wishes all a Merry, Safe and Healthy Christmas and New Year!


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