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On Mosquitoes and Diseases

Today, August 20 may seem like an ordinary day compared to the 21st, which was declared a special non-working holiday, the Ninoy Aquino Day. However, the 20th is not just another day. It is in fact, World Mosquito Day, in honor of Sir Ronald Ross, an Indian doctor who discovered in 1897 that Malaria is […]

People360 Family: Ready for the Big One

It is alarming that on June 29, at the southern part of our country, a mild quake of 4.8 magnitude hit Sultan Kudarat. Not many may know of this, but earlier today, July 31 at 3 o’clock in the morning, Nasugbu Batangas registered a 4.2. Coming in third was the 3.7 magnitude registered at Santa […]

Metro-wide Earthquake Drill: Feel It Like It’s Real

By 10:30 on the morning of July 30, everyone is encouraged to seriously and actively participate in the Metro Manila Shake Drill 2015. The earthquake drill which will be participated by an estimated 5-6 million people shall be in response to the possible 7.2 magnitude earthquake that may be generated by the West Valley Fault […]

On-The-Spotlight 3: Our Fellows The Fishermen

 Note: With two consecutive storms on Philippine shores, it is unfortunate and inevitable that we would hear news of our fishermen having accidents or getting lost at sea. They may have survived their capsized vessels but holding on for anything floatable for long periods of time until they get rescued is another ordeal. Only this […]

Quality is Our Motto

For companies which use heavy equipment and other lifting devices, third party testing is a very important strategy to ensure that said equipment will do their jobs efficiently and effectively without any property damage and or human losses.   Load Testing is a key phase of any third party testing. It is the physical testing […]