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By S.S. Suarez Safety Blog, Anyone? I must admit it. Safety is not always the most exciting subject. But when I was asked to write a safety blog, I was excited. My excitement was anchored on the fact that I really missed writing.  Having finished a degree in communication arts and a jaded father who […]

People360 Makes a Difference to its Clients

“You are the only testing provider we had who took time out to explain the results of your tests to us and the operators of our  equipment. ”.  “We like the report on the results of the testing of our heavy equipment. It was very professionally done, with pictures and comments on the status  of […]

Identifying Safety and Health Hazards

Hazards, Risks, Outcomes The terminology used in OSH varies between states, but generally speaking: A hazard is something that can cause harm if not controlled. The outcome is the harm that results from an uncontrolled hazard. A risk is a combination of the probability that a particular outcome will occur and the severity of the […]

Occupational Safety & Health

“Occupational health should aim at: the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations; the prevention amongst workers of departures from health caused by their working conditions; the protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health; the placing and […]